Social Games Bad For The Average Teenager?

How does social gaming affect peoples life?

We have all heard the news stories about teenagers going mental, killing or hurting people just because they have spent too much time in front of the computer playing violent video games. The world of internet games offer far more “dangers” for youngsters nowadays and their parents doesn’t always know what their children are doing online.

Now that social games and regular console games are interconnecting in more ways than before, one could ask the question if parents should be worried about their kids playing social games, especially when they are everywhere and easy to access. Social games are usually portrayed and advertised as rather soft and not particularly violent but is that something that will always be or is it about to change, bringing more violence into social games as well? This would mean that young children with far more knowledge about computers and the internet than their parents would have no problems accessing the games, and become influenced by the violent content.

Social games might well be forced to evolve to keep its users, console games would not be so popular if the only thing allowed in the game was to hang out in a super market talking to people all day. The users want excitement and that goes for people playing social games as well. The whole idea of playing social games or games of any sort is that you can what you can’t do in real life.

Killing someone in a social game however, does not mean that you will do it in real life the next day. It is the easy access to social games that worries me. They are easy to find on the net and age limits can easily be circumvented. But so far social games focuses on other things like a good gaming experience and friendly meets between online friends. Perhaps the developers will choose a different path after all.