Social Games And The Future

Where will the social games development go?

I often wonder what the future will be like for people who like to spend their time playing social games. It is not so much the people playing these social games I think about, rather the games themselves. What will social games be like in the future? Will they be more evolved than they are today or is it something else than nice looking graphics and 3D sound that attracts the gamer? I think that the future of social games and their gamers holds something entirely different.

Playing games have always been about sharing an experience and being able to accomplish something that can’t be done in the real world. At least that is what I imagine is essential to social games and the people who play them. Gamers will always choose story, experience and the feeling of a shared event over the latest graphics because people playing social games are people who love those elements and want them part of the experience. Killing a dragon isn’t as much fun alone as it is when you are playing with ten of your friends, accomplishing something that simply wouldn’t be possible anywhere else. Social games are so successful because they incorporate these elements so well.

They offer players choices to interact with other players and they are simple enough for everyone to play. These basic rules which developers build in to every game they make are so brilliant that it would be stupid to believe that social games would not exist in the future. They might not look the same; they might not even be played at home by a computer, but on mobile phones connected to giant hubs, containing hundreds of thousands of social games, only the future holds the key to that. At least we know one thing, and that is that social games are a part of future gaming forever.