The History Of Social Games

How did social games development evolve?

History and social games are quite interesting and goes back a long time. Today, many people, me included, mostly imagine people playing social games as a new phenomenon, and that these people only cares about computers, virtual money and have online friends instead of real ones. The truth however, is not so black and white. Social games have always been part of modern human history as well as language, music and sitting by camp fires singing together. It does not have to be about computers or even internet.

Social games are as the name states meant to be a social event, shared by many people in a group. Internet offers this possibility as well but it is not the only means of experiencing social games today or even historically. Before internet, people gathered at home, playing cards, monopoly or quiz-games. Back then, when Internet wasn’t as evolved as it is today people had fun anyways, sharing moments with each other in different ways and by playing different games.

Social Games today

Today the social games phenomenon has moved beyond comfortable living rooms full of people and simple card games. Today social games and gaming is so much more. Literally millions of players could be playing the same game and there are thousands of social games available for the common user. Big game companies make it easy for even the most basic computer user to find what they are looking for, and it is even easier to find people to play with now when internet can be accessed by almost everyone on the globe.

Is this really what social games is all about or is it perhaps a natural evolvement not when the world is getting more computerized? People will always enjoy playing a good game with their friends.